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Check Out These 11 Breweries in Toronto, Canada

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1. Kensington Brewing Company

Kensington Brewery Toronto

  • Located on the outskirts of the Kensington Market is Kensington Brewing Company. Their logo represents the delivery crates lining the market streets early in the morning. There are 8 beers on draft and an outdoor patio is currently under construction.

2. Amsterdam Brewing Company

Amsterdam Brewery Toronto

Amsterdam Brewhouse Toronto

  • Located on Queens Quay, the large Amsterdam Brewhouse has a menu created with beer and brewing ingredients, an outdoor patio and balcony, 2 bars, and a large dining area. Choose from a list of pre-selected flights; Richmond & John: a sample of lighter beers, King & Portland: a variety ranging from an IPA to Amber Ale, Front & Bathurst: a sample of hoppier beers, and Leaside: a selection of current seasonal beers. 

3. Steam Whistle Brewing

steam whistle pilsner

  • A short walk from Amsterdam Brewhouse is Steam Whistle Brewing, serving Canada’s premium pilsner. The brewery serves 2 variations of the pilsner: filtered and unfiltered. The unfiltered pilsner, having a thicker wheat bier color and consistency, is only available at the brewery. The large, dog friendly taproom has a small menu. Brewery tours are every Friday and Saturday from 11:30am – 5:00pm and Sunday 11:30am – 4:00pm. Tours last about 30 minutes.

4. Left Field Brewery

Left Field Brewery Toronto

  • Left Field Brewery is a popular location to watch the Toronto Blue Jays. This brewery closely monitors their occupancy for both humans and dogs. Arrive before the game to avoid waiting in line. Check the schedule for events and food truck appearances. Brewery tours are offered Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm, $10 per person. We recommend Go Ahead, a raspberry and hibiscus gose.

5. 3 Brasseurs 

3 brewers toronto

  • Three Brewers has multiple locations in France, Canada, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Reunion Island, and Brazil. Create your own cask workshops are available. 

6. Bandit Brewery 

Bandit Brewery Toronto

  • There are about 10 beers on tap ranging from pilsners and sours to IPAs at Bandit Brewery. The raccoon themed taproom can get crowded during bunch Saturday and Sunday 11:00am – 4:00pm. Next door to the brewery is a small bottle shop selling merchandise and cans. 

7. Halo Brewery 

Halo Brewery Toronto

  • This dog friendly brewery has limited seating. There are about 8 beers on tap at Halo Brewery. We recommend the Event Horizon, a foreign extra stout with Indian sarsaparilla. 

8. Godspeed Brewery

Godspeed Brewery Toronto

  • About 10 beers are on draft at Godspeed Brewery created with unique ingredients like Japanese citrus, sea salt, green tea, and Okinawa shikuwasa. Flights aren’t available but 9oz or 13oz pours are available for most drafts. The large, open tap room offers a small menu.

The Distillery District

distillery district peace sign

9. Mill Street Brewery

Mill Street Brewery Toronto

  • Mill Street Brew Pub has 2 other Ontario locations; North York and Mississauga. Choose from a pre-selected flight of 4: Permanent Taps, Hopped Up, Organic, Across the Board, or create your own. The flight size is slightly larger than average with 8oz pours. We recommend the Raspberry Oatmeal Stout and Vanilla Porter. Each item on the large menu offers a recommended beer pairing. 

10. Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

Ontario Spring Water Sake Company Toronto
The sweet and mild hot sake sample.
  • Located in the Distillery District, Ontario Spring Water Sake Company, offers warm and cold Sake flights and sake cocktails. Every Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm and 3:30pm the distillery offers Sip and Learn Sake Classes, including several samples. 

11. Spirit of York Distillery Co.

spirit of NY distillery co toronto

  • Also located in the Distillery District is Spirit of York Distillery Co.. Choose from a selection of vodka, gin, whisky, aquavit, and hawthorn berry gin to create a flight of 3. Signs are posted along the various stages of distilling for a self guided tour.

Traveling Gingerbread Note: We significantly underestimated the amount of craft beer in Toronto. A few breweries recommended by locals that we didn’t get to check out were: Bellwoods Brewery, Laylow Brewery (only a couple blocks from The Lockhart), Henderson Brewing Company, and Blood Brothers Brewing.


April 2019


4 responses to “Check Out These 11 Breweries in Toronto, Canada”

  1. Mitchell Moulton Avatar
    Mitchell Moulton

    Blood Brothers Brewing was recommend by a few different locals we talked to. Really hope to make it there next time we are in town! Definitely remember to check out hours of when breweries open. We missed Laylow and Bellswood because we arrived about an hour before they opened by mistake.

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  2. bmochinsky Avatar

    Will have to make a trip to Toronto to check out all those breweries.

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