unique traveler gift ideas

Gift Ideas for the Traveler with Everything

unique traveler gift ideas

After years of traveling we’ve discovered a few things to make traveling a little easier. For more gift ideas check out The Traveling Gingerbread Essentials.

ebags connected luggage tag

eBags Connected Luggage Tag

  1. Download the app at http://www.ebags.com/tag.
  2. Register your tag and privacy settings.
  3. Attach to your bag and let the adventures begin.

Never spend another flight wondering if your bag made it onboard. Receive notifications each time your luggage is loaded and unloaded onto the plane.

color travel map mug

Color Map Mug

For any traveler that loves their scratch map, this is another fun way to track adventures. Color in visited countries (world mug) or states (United States mug), bake in the oven for 25 minutes, and enjoy a cup of coffee while dreaming of traveling. 

sport sac

Theft Resistant Drawstring Bag

We love the convenience of drawstring bags to carry our daily necessities. Loctote has slash resistant fabric, reflective straps, a lockable main compartment, a RFID blocking pocket, and is waterproof. We feel more secure on subways, in crowded areas, and waiting in line than with our nylon 5k consolation prize bags.

Exofficio Socks

Exofficio Bugsaway Collection

Exofficio’s Bugsaway collection provides an insect shield that blocks ants, flies, chiggers, midges, mosquitoes, and ticks. The invisible, odorless permethrin shield lasts in the fabric for up to 70 washes. Check out the Bugsaway line of pants, shirts, socks, and more.

travel sleep sack

Travel Sleep Sack

A travel sleep sack provides a layer between you and a questionable mattress, protects the inside of a sleeping bag, and provides an extra layer of warmth. This lightweight sheet fully zips closed like a sleeping bag or can unzip into a large sheet. It’s perfect for Airbnbs, hotels, hostels, and overnight trains.   

external hard drive

External Hard Drive

Keep irreplaceable travel photos and important documents safe on this small, portable WD Elements external hard drive. After returning home from a trip, we back up all our photos from our iPhone, underwater camera, and digital camera in one convenient place.

The Buff

The Buff

It’s a headband, hairband, beanie, neck warmer, insect or UV shield, and facemask. The Buff is versatile and seamless, available in a variety of colors and materials. Choose from fabrics that protect against UV rays, bugs, and extreme cold.

fujifilm underwater camera

Underwater Camera

After returning from trips with grainy, dark photos taken with disposable underwater cameras, we decided it was time for an upgrade. We love our dust proof, shock proof, waterproof, freeze proof, Fujifilm XP.

nomatic vaccum seal bag

Compression Packing Bags

End the regret of not having enough room for the perfect souvenir or worry about packing all the winter clothes needed for a ski trip. No vacuum is required to easily compress clothing and other soft items to make a little more space in your suitcase.  

dunheger luggage scale

Digital Luggage Scale

Weighing our suitcases in the hotel room eliminates the anxiety of exceeding the baggage weight limits. It also eliminates the frustration (and embarrassment depending on what falls out) of redistributing weight at the airport baggage check. The Dunhugar digital luggage scale is small, accurate, and can easily weigh any bag up to 110 lbs.

iphone selfie stick

Selfie Stick

It took us a long time to pull out a selfie stick in public and snap our first photo, but we’re glad we did. Now our photos are more than just Mitch’s face and the top half of Stephanie’s head.

TSA precheck

Global Entry

The length of the security line can be a concern the moment we leave for the airport. Global Entry expedites that process by allowing pre-approved, low risk travelers to skip the security line and check in at Global Entry kiosks in participating airports. Global Entry members are also eligible for TSA PreCheck.  

U.S. National Parks Pass

We never thought we would own a park pass, but we never thought a pandemic would halt our international travels for a year either. An annual U.S. National Park Pass costs $80, is valid for 1 year from the purchase date, accepted at more than 2,000 sites, and can be used for 1 vehicle containing up to 4 adults including the pass owner. There are 2 signatures allowed on the pass. Only one signee must be present (ID is required) allowing the pass to be shared among families or friends. With many parks costing $35 per vehicle for a 7 day pass (regardless if you are only visiting for the day), it didn’t take us long to start saving.

Collapsible Bowl

This UST FlexWare bowl collapses from 4 in. x 5 in. to 1 in. x 5 in. It is dishwasher and microwavable safe up to 300 degrees, BPA free, and extremely durable. Bring along some oatmeal packets and enjoy a hot breakfast in your hotel room. 

Utility Spork

A collapsible bowl isn’t useful without a utility spork! A spoon, a fork, and the serrated edge of the fork completes the utensil with a knife.

Reusable Plastic Toiletry Bags

Complying with airline requirements to store food and toiletries in clear bags, we are constantly replacing ripped plastic bags. These reusable, leak proof, eco-friendly, easy to clean bags are perfect for complying with airport requirements. We no longer worry about leaking shampoo and throwing away Ziplocs at the end of every trip. 

November 2020


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