savannah main gingerbread

7 Reasons to Visit Savannah, Georgia

savannah main gingerbread

1. Ghost Stories

Kehoe House

keyhoe house savannah

  • There was a door tax at the time the Kehoe house was built. Many homeowners entered and exited through floor length windows to avoid the tax. Closets were also uncommon, and wardrobes were used instead.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kehoe lived with their 2 children. One afternoon Mrs. Kehoe had to run out, leaving the children home alone. With no supervision, the children rushed to play on the roof. Mrs. Kehoe returned to an empty house. Mr. and Mrs. Kehoe searched everywhere but were unable to find the children. Sometime later, a horrible smell engulfed the Kehoe House. With nowhere left to search, the Keyhoes peeked into the chimney and found the bodies of their children. 

Colonial Park Cemetery

graves in savannah cemetery

table top grave in savannah cemetery

  • 52 weeks of the year, families gathered in cemeteries for a picnic at the tombstones of their loved ones. The name, tabletop grave, a large, slightly raised, flat grave (pictured above on the right), originated from being the table used during these families’ picnics.

savannah cemetery

entrance to colonial park cemetery savannah

  • Visitors walking outside of the Colonial Park Cemetery fence or even across the street may be trampling on a long ago buried body. The cemetery fence and tombstones were once moved to create a wider road, but the bodies were left in their original locations.

Moon River Brewing Company

moon river brewing upstairs ghost tour

  • Originally the building of Moon River Brewing Company served as a hotel, but during the Yellow Fever epidemic upper floors were transformed into an impromptu hospital. Since then, it has been used as a storage facility, a retail office supply store, and after sitting vacant for many years, finally a brewery. Several diners have experienced paranormal activity while enjoying a draft beer or dinner at the pub. The upper floors are off limits to diners, but can be accessed during one of Savannah’s many ghost tours.

Sorrel Weed House

Sorrel Weed House Savannah GA

  • The Sorrel Weed House, constructed in the 1840’s by Francis Sorrel, is known as the most haunted house in Savannah and among the top 10 in the United States. Francis began having an affair with one of the slaves in his home. When Francis’ wife found them together one night, she threw herself from the second story window to her death. A couple of weeks later Francis found the slave’s body hanging in her room, driven to suicide by his wife’s angry spirit. 

Traveling Gingerbread Note: We highly recommend the Boos and Brews Tour by Tara Haunted Tours. We stopped at several bars throughout the tour beginning at McDonough’s Restaurant and Lounge. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and added on a bonus ghost story at the end of our tour.

2. Unique Watering Holes

service brewing

ghost coast distillery savannah

  • Southbound Brewing has almost 20 beers on draft and a large taproom with a variety of events. We recommend Moonlight Drive and Blackberry Barrel Aged Shakedown Street.
  • Raising thousands of dollars for veterans and first responders, Service Brewing Co., serves 12 draft beers: 4 regulars, 4 seasonal/limited release, and 4 small batch from a shipping container in the center of a warehouse. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and frequently live music. We recommend The Easy Rider American Lager with tropical tea, a collaboration with Two Tides.
  • Ghost Coast Distillery offers spirit and cocktail flights. We ordered a flight of Honey Whiskey, Spiced Rum, a Basil Sour, and a Jalapeno Margarita. There is also a large gift shop with Ghost Coast merchandise and cocktail related items.

two tides brewing company savannah

  • Two Tides Brewing Co. is a large house converted into an artsy brewery with an arcade room, lounge area, tap-room, board game room, and outside balcony. There are 16 beers on draft with flights of 4 available. 

abe lincoln bar

  • We loved the rustic decor of Prohibition. We recommend the Gran Rosta Coffee and, if it’s still on tap, Old Fashioned Ale from Wicked Weed Brewing in North Carolina, brewed in whiskey aged barrels with cherries and oranges tasting just like an Old Fashioned.
  • We stopped for a drink in the small tavern at the corner of E Bryan Street and Lincoln Street. The walls and ceiling of Abe’s on Lincoln are decorated with napkin drawings of Abraham Lincoln. 

3. Stroll Through the Many Squares

We easily explored Savannah and saw over 61 points of interest at our own pace with this great guide: Self-Guided Walking Tour of Savannah.

park bench along a sidewalk

spanish moss

statue in savannah georgia

  • Dolphins or other animals are commonly found at the end of Eves troughs in Savannah. While the trough is filled with rain water, spirits are unable to enter the home. During dry weather, animals at the opening keep evil spirits away.

gingerbread house savannah GA

  • The Gingerbread House (pictured left) is one of Savannah’s largest and most popular event venues.
  • In Johnson Square Square the temperate is significantly cooler and no Spanish Moss hangs from the trees. Major General Greene, buried in the square, hated Spanish moss resembling his grandfather’s beard. It’s believed at night General Greene rips the Spanish moss from the trees.

forsythe park fountain

4. Dine in One of a Kind Buildings

us at gryphon tea room in savannah


  • The Gryphon Tea Room was originally an apothecary shop before serving as a student book store for the Savannah College of Art and Design. Now, diners can enjoy afternoon tea surrounded by the original books, all available for reading by customers. We recommend the soup of the day, a pot of vanilla tea, and catching up on Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

flying monk noodle bar

savannah spirits speakeasy

  • Our first stop when we arrived in Savannah was lunch at the Savannah Spirits Chophouse and Speakeasy. The lunch menu is relatively small but we both enjoyed our dishes of Sun Dried Tomato Hummus with Crostini and a Fried Flounder Sandwich.
  • We were lucky to get a table at the popular Flying Monk Noodle Bar with dishes from Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Korea. Despite the crowded restaurant, our food arrived quickly and the service was great. We recommend the Edamame Dumplings and Angkor Wat. 
  • The Pirate’s House was one of our favorite meals in Savannah. Operating originally as an inn and tavern in 1753, the location became an extremely popular gathering place for sailors and pirates. We recommend the generous portion of Award Winning Pecan Fried Chicken and ordering a $14.95 Skull Crusher served in a souvenir mug. Upstairs a gift shop sells all things pirate themed.

Restaurants we didn’t have time to experience, but were on our list:

17hundred90 inn

  • There are 3 spirits believed to visit diners and guests at 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant. The most well known spirit, Anna, was a soon to be bride in an arranged marriage. She fell in love with a sailor. When her father learned of her secret romance she was locked in room 203, where she became a prisoner. As the man she loved set out to sea, she threw herself from the 3rd floor window to her death. There is currently a 6 month waiting list to stay as a guest in room 203.

ordinary pub savannah

  • Located in an old Greyhound Bus Terminal, The Grey, has a unique high-end yet retro style vibe.
  • The Ordinary Pub must serve an anything but ordinary brunch from 10:00am-4:00pm every day. With a lengthy wait, we were unable to experience this unique underground pub.
  • The Olde Pink House Restaurant and Tavern was constructed in 1771 out of bricks covered with white plaster. After some time, the red from the bricks seeped through the plaster giving the home a pinkish color. Unfortunately a fire 2 days before our visit prevented us from dining at the restaurant with the restless spirit of James Habersham Jr. who hung himself in the basement.

5. Bustling City Market

city market statue

city market

The Georgia Tasting Room Savannah

  • The Georgia Tasting Room offers wine tastings of 6 samples for $3, wine slushies, and moonshine tastings. We recommend the Muscapino, red muscadine blended with jalapeno peppers, from Courson’s Winery in GA. 
  • The bustling City Market, the art and soul of Savannah, has live music, events, carriage rides, art galleries, shopping, dining, and more.

6. Whimsical Boutiques and Shops

paris market savannah

The Paris Market and Brocante Savannah

  • The Paris Market and Brocante is one example of the chic, whimsical boutiques and shops found in Savannah. Also a cafe, this market has everything imaginable for sale from muffin snail shells and Christmas decorations to wardrobes and cheddar crisps. The best shopping is downstairs. 

7. The Historic River Street

cannons along river street

access to river street savannah

  • There are many signs cautioning guests to use the historic steps to River Street at their own risk.

historic river street savannah

cotton exchange tavern savannah georgia

Here are a couple of our favorite stops for drinks along the river:

  • Chuck’s Bar offers interesting decor and karaoke nights.  
  • The stone, Cotton Exchange Tavern offers a quiet escape from the River Street crowd. 
  • We can’t walk by an Irish pub without enjoying a pint of Guinness. Kevin Berry’s Irish Pub has live Irish music every night at 8:00pm.

cheers along the river

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